5 Famous Dog Paintings

Art can be described in many ways. It can be good or bad. It can be modern, post-modern or classical. Art can even be described as inspirational. Despite the many ways there are to describe it, top online kasinot there is no true way to define it. Nevertheless, artists continue to express themselves through their pieces. Some will paint beautiful landscapes and water under the moonlight. Others will create abstract works of art that tell complex stories. Oddly enough, dog portrait artists can fit in both categories. Countless artists have utilized the canine essence in their work. While they have that much in common, each piece attempts to reveal something different about the world.

Dogs Playing Poker
This particular collection is the most well-known dog painting in the United States. Most people don’t know that there are actually 15 other pieces that make up the collection. In each of the 16 pieces, Dubai Web Design Company different breeds of dogs are sitting at a table for a card game. This classic set of portraits was created in the early twentieth century for a campaign to sell cigars. While it’s been a favorite among working class families for years, the original paintings are far too expensive for the average person to own.

The Dog
This painting continues to be admired by artists and art lovers. It depicts a small dog looking upward as it sits behind some sort of land mass. The exact date of its creation is unknown, but it is believed to have been created some time between 1819 and 1823. The artist, Francisco Goya, used the walls in his house to create pieces that depicted intensely dark themes. Nearly 50 years after his death, Game show Company New York this and 13 other oil paintings were transferred from the home. It is impossible to understand exactly what Goya was trying to convey, but artists generally consider this painting the first expression of Symbolism in the West.

Sir Edwin Landseer had a love for the Newfoundland breed. A local Newfoundland, Mile, was known for rescuing children from drowning in the water. In 1856, Landseer used the dog tale as an inspiration for this piece. In the painting, Mile is shown holding a small child in his paws. Landseer was able to touch hearts and minds with his work. It catapulted him into fame.

His Masters Voice
Francis Barraud became the owner of his deceased brother’s fox terrier, Nipper. Upon playing recordings of his brother’s voice, Barraud noticed Nipper’s fascination with the phonograph that played the recordings. He decided to capture the occurrence on canvas, Thc Carts but was initially unable to sell it. However, it was eventually purchased by The Graphophone Company in 1899. The image was used on cabinets, sound recordings and electronics wherever the products were sold.

Dogs in a Kennel
William Hamilton Trood has been regarded as one of the most revered dog painters of his time. Trood’s painting is a depiction of hounds behind the gates of a kennel looking out at a robin. He is able to tell a simple story through his typical use of natural elements. Magic mushrooms

Dog portrait artists have creatively captured the essence of man’s best friend for centuries. While some are more popular than others, each piece stands firmly on its own.


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