What You Should Know About Getting a Pilot’s License

Have you ever listened to those little voices in your head be they conscience and soul, good or evil, oros.store whatever, my first solo flight turned out to be a real three seat event. Having completed my practice circuits and landed my instructor unbuckled his belt and announced “She’s all yours off you go!” My adrenalin shot into overdrive and the first voice, Biggles, shouted to me loudly “Yes at last! Off we go now, hurry don’t keep that empty sky waiting”. I cast a smile and taxied to the runway and with checks done I faced down the long white line and beamed with self confidence, by now Biggles was safely strapped into the passenger seat and eager to go, I reached for the throttle, one push and we would race at 100mph into the sky.

“Are you sure we’re safe?” said a little voice from behind, I looked over my shoulder in surprise and there sat a little man in bowler hat and carpet slippers who was strapping himself in securely.

“Don’t listen to him!” snapped Biggles forcing my hand on the throttle lever.

“But what happens if we run out of fuel or the engine cuts out?” the little voice enquired. skywings

“Old woman!” moaned Biggles “Lets go old boy the sky awaits” and Biggles was right we weren’t about to be put off now, the throttle pressed home and the ground slid by ever faster, 20, 50, 60mph, I pulled back on the stick and we were off accompanied by Biggles crows of delight, “this is the life”, he chirped, “up, up and away”, his singing voice was no better than mine.

“Well it’s too late now”, mumbled the little man in the bowler, “I wish I’d stayed at home this all looks very dangerous”.
300 ft and Biggles was outside wing walking. 500ft and the voice in the back broke in once more. affluentwords

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