Hairstyle Trends in 2008

As the year 2007 draws to an end, many of you must be thinking of donning a new look for 2008. Hairstyles for the year 2008 come after a year where shorter hairstyles ruled, longer hairstyles still flourished, and everyone just loved the bob. Some celebrities went for medium and shorter lengths and the fashion runaways brought in many unique trends like the pony-loop and the high ballerina bun. Update your hair style with one of these hot trends that dominate the hair scene this year. Some of these are actually repetitions of hairstyle before. They are all set to make a comeback with much style and elegance. nahls

1. The Bob

Look for the bob style to make a bit of a “comeback” this Winter season as several celebrities are making this classic look all their own. Victoria Beckham is already making a splash with her highly publicized asymmetrical bob cut which has been renamed “The Pob” (for “Posh {Spice} Bob”).

The bob is a natural accompaniment to the revival in 1920s, 30s and 40s fashions we’re experiencing. In 2008 the bob can be a longer, blunt cut like the one sported by Hana Soukupova or the sexed-up rock-chic version we’ve been loving on Freja. The bob can be fringed or fringeless and works well in pretty much any colour.

2. Masculine

On the other extreme to the super-soft and feminine hairdos, masculine styles also hit the runways as as forerunner to 2008. The short, boy-cut is going to be one of the hottest styles next year,thanks to celebs like Kirsten Dunst and Natalie Portman.

3. Soft Wedge Haircut

Another hot hair style trend for 2008 is the soft wedge haircut. This short hairstyle adds much sparkle to your face and shows the playful side of your personality. Since a lot of texturing and layering is used, your hairstyle looks soft and very smooth, in case of cut-style. Even people with thin hair can go in for this short cut, as it adds volume. It is suitable for almost every face cut and adds charm and confidence to the personality. Messipoker

4. Razor Cuts with Layers

The Razor cut has always been around, on and off. But for 2008, a razor cut with a lot of emphasis on layering is being predicted to be absolutely in. You may have short or long hair and the razor style can be implemented beautifully, without compromising on length. Get a cut that enhances your facial features, adding much softness and playfulness to your look. Try to get more layering around the ears and on hair that falls on the side of your cheeks. With a short razor cut, a messy look can also be adopted, preferablepups especially if it suits your relaxed and carefree lifestyle!

5. Poker Straight

Curls and waves will be transformed into straight and smooth-flowing hair. Even if you love to keep those waves, make sure they just gather at the ends of your hair and the rest of the hair is absolutely straight. Sleek and smooth texture is the keyword for 2008. So, get prepared to straighten out those curled locks for a sleeker and newer you!


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