Favorite Web Tools for Teachers

With the increasing popularity of ed-tech, teachers have a variety of tools available to improve their workflow or enhance their students’ learning experience. Web tools for teachers add a little fun to the learning; they can make the connection with students more effective. Fortunately, many of these tools are either free or freemium and can be used almost immediately after signing up. Here are some of the most effective tools recommended by educators in the community: pg79


This presentation platform makes it easy for teachers and students to upload and share their slideshows to the public or to a specific audience. With many slideshows shared publicly, teachers can find interesting, relevant content to share with their classes. pg79th

Google Docs

When naming some of the best tools for teachers, we can’t forget Google Docs (accessed via Google Drive). This comprehensive set of tools can help you create/share documents and presentations with your students and allow them to collaborate on assignments stored on the cloud. Plus, teachers can manage privacy and security by determining which students have access to specific files.


We first discovered PathBrite during SXSWedu. Digital portfolios have existed for years but they had a tendency to leave users frustrated due to several reasons: the difficulty to create, share, and move portfolios from school to school. Not only does PathBrite make these options possible, this startup empowers students to curate their work beyond the classroom to their careers and beyond. blowie


There are a few reasons why this Q&A platform is awesome. First, you can follow other users, topics, or questions that you find interesting. Additionally, there are a ton of questions and answers on every subject, including Ed-Tech. Quora is a community of smart, qualified individuals in their respective fields that can provide the insight that you were searching for. quoras

Adopting these web tools for teachers may make it easier for you to work together with your students. The tools also enable you to work in a more organized manner, keep track of student progress, and streamline your workflow. The fact that these tools are web-based and on the cloud means they can be accessed from any location, all at your convenience.


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