Talk Fusion Review – Can Talk Fusion Make It?

Video, video, video. Those little square boxes that shout out at you from cyberspace seem to be everywhere. Unless you have spent the last several years in a cave on the far side of Borneo, you know exactly what I am talking about. Youtube, Viddler,, Bofunk, eCorptv, Ivewtube, Kewgo, Megavideo, MySpace videos, and the list goes on and on.

Kind of reminds me of the old joke about cable TV, “100 channels and nothing to watch” which of course is a little tongue in cheek slam on the cable TV industry for hyping that they had hundreds of channels to sell their service only for us to later discover they had filled them with a bunch of junk programming and turned us into mindless channel surfers (pass me the remote will you). Yet, of course, cable TV is still with us and of course, over time, the program content has improved, or maybe we are just too addicted to the tube to notice that the content is the same but our standards have gradually lowered.

So that brings us to the discussion of Video on the internet, specifically Video e-mail and of a new company called Talk Fusion, who is making some waves in the world of MLM. Once again, in case you haven’t noticed, video on the internet is huge. I mean really huge. I guess it was just a natural outgrowth of our fascination with the internet that once static websites lost their novelty we just had to have something new to stimulate us and video was it.

Case in point is the price that Google paid for YouTube, $1.6 Billion dollars. I mean, wow, I get excited just thinking about how much fun I could have just collecting the interest on that payment at a measly 1%. Let’s see, that’s about $16 million a year. I think I would just put it all into one bank account and call it the “Marc Barrett Charitable Vacation Trust” and take a 20 year vacation to explore some of the areas of the world I might have missed. I am getting off track here. Sorry. Big money just excites me. fusionblog

So if Google paid that much for a Video sharing site, and of course we know that Google is very smart. Then video must really, really, be a big deal and will continue to be into the future. So what about Video e-mail and the companies that market this service? Is it a fair analogy to say they are going to be huge also? Well maybe and maybe not. omegawriter

Video e-mail has been trying to get off the ground as a product for years. Microsoft even had a free plugin for Outlook as far back as Outlook 2003 that gave you actual embedded video e-mail. So video e-mail has been around for at least 10 years and really hasn’t gotten any traction. However that may be changing. Case in point are companies like Talk Fusion which was founded in 2007 and markets Video e-mail and other online video products through network marketing. Talk Fusion is currently going through some pretty nice growth and they have lots of new distributors chanting the mantra “Video” Video” Video”.

Now my company reviews are a little bit different than what you normally see on the e-zines sites or in the blogs of some or the so called network marketing gurus. I don’t really focus on the superficial such as details on the product line and pricing and lengthy discussions on the comp plan and how rich it is, or is not, going to make you, or on how great, or terrible the founders or master distributors are, that to me is all secondary. When I look at a company I focus primarily on the market niche and product viability. In short is this product going to fly or not. Now in a standard MLM, as opposed to a Top Tier MLM, the longevity of your product is critical. In a standard MLM to make the really big money it takes a team of thousands and it takes time to build a group that size, and you want to make sure the product is good enough to hold the market for longer than 20 min. For more info please visit these sites :-

Let’s cover the basics first:

The Company: Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina. You will find people on both sides of the fence about Bob, some hate him and some love him. You have to make your own decision here.

The Products: Talk Fusion Products include Video e-mail, video conferencing, video meeting broadcast, video social networking, and video auto responders. On the product side, the Talk Fusion video clarity is great, the video e-mail delivery is done very well, and there are some nice templates that make it look sexy and professional.

I think the video size Talk Fusion uses on its video e-mail is a little small but that is probably a concession to bandwidth. Now keep in mind here that the Talk Fusion video e-mail is not an embedded video in an e-mail although that is the impression you get. The e-mail actually contains a static picture of the first frame of your video and when your recipient clicks on the play button they are actually redirected seamlessly to a static website that actually plays the video, however they way they pulled it off seems to work.


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