How to Find the Perfect Job (Part 1)

Finding the perfect job is sometimes hard, sometimes easy. The process can be excruciatingly painful, or enjoyable. To make finding the perfect job more enjoyable, follow these guidelines.

  • Identify and communicate your most marketable skill sets – The time that you invest here will be well worth the effort. One easy way to identify your most marketable skill set is to think about your experience and find the thing that you have received the most compliments for doing. For example, if you are a software developer and you have received many e-mails about a billing program that you wrote, consider stressing the fact that you have expertise in writing billing programs. If you are a tax examiner, and you have received many compliments on the amount of additional revenue that your phone audits have produced, consider stressing your ability to produce revenue without conducting full blown audits. drivingschoolintoronto
  • Motivate Hiring Managers to contact you – Hiring Managers will contact you when they see a way that you can reduce the pain that they are experiencing. If you can write a series of articles that explain how you have reduced pain for our employer, potential employers who are experiencing pain in that area will read them with avid interest. If you manage to imply or state that you are open to being contacted, and you provide contact information, there’s a good chance that you will be contacted by those employers. Also, it makes a major difference if you have a web set that stresses your value. This does not have to cost much money. In fact, there are several excellent sites where you can build a career-based web page for free.
  • Motivate headhunters to contact you – Headhunters (employment agencies that get paid a percentage of the salary that you earn) are motivated to contact you ONLY when they are conducting an active search that is likely to result in their earning a commission, or at the very least making a client happy. Ways to motivate a headhunter to call you: (1) Post your resume in a variety of places that they frequent. (2) Establishing yourself as an expert by writing articles that are posted on line. (3) Attend job fairs and ask the person who interviews you to jot down a note about your strong skill sets on your resume so that the recruiter who reviews them will call you with a follow up call. (4) Set up your own web site where you offer solutions to key problems. (5) Get interviewed on regular and Internet Radio shows. (The latter is perhaps more important because people listen to these over extended periods of time and because you can reference them on your web site and in e-mails.
  • Motivate recruiters for temp agencies to contact you – Recruiters for temp agencies have similar motivation to headhunters, but they make their money from the margin between the hourly rate they charge their client and the hourly rate that they pay the applicant once they “put them to to work.” Sometimes, temp-mail when an employee goes “temp-to-perm” they make an additional commission. To motivate a temp recruiter to call you, follow all of the above techniques, but also place information on your web site as to how you can solve an immediate need as a contractor or temp-help person, and possibly transition into a full time job.


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