LotsInternet Home Businesses: Lots of Hype, Not a Lot of Results!

The internet and printed media is absolutely loaded with home business opportunities that are either obvious scams or make you scared to further explore their websites or call their “no obligation” phone numbers. If you perform a simple keyword search on the field you are interested in launching a home business, the majority of those websites, especially the sponsored links advertisers, promise all the world’s riches to you in the next 30 days if you purchase their product. knowledgehype

Have you also noticed that most websites for each business field are virtually identical in their assertions, text copy, images, and tag lines? If their website, text copy, and images are cookie cutter replications of others in the business, does the person offering you the business opportunity have the necessary tools and resources available to coach you to success? There is a very high probability that they do not. They are just regurgitating the identical message that everyone else is spewing with an added layer of hype in hopes that you will believe them enough to give them your hard earned money. So, how do you, the entrepreneur, decide which home business opportunity is right for you? Here are ten simple questions to ask yourself and the person recruiting you to work with them. gossipcare

1.) Is the business structure direct sales, network marketing, or multi-level-marketing? There is nothing inherently wrong with any of these business structures. They all serve their purpose but may also carry with them a negative reputation. Just make sure you understand what business structure it is and if that structure fits your business plan.

2.) Can you sell the product offline as well as online? You will likely have to sell to family and friends if the product is not conducive to online selling. Be careful of product lines that make you squeeze your personal relationships to make a buck!

3.) Does the company provide multi-faceted ongoing training? Ask the person you are meeting with to show you examples of the hard copy or online training materials. This is critically important to have!

4.) Does the company provide you a software system to build and track your business? If you are on the hook to purchase all kinds of software just to function in your daily operations, you are in trouble! Keep looking for the right business opportunity.

5.) Is the marketing material provided of premium quality that leaves a positive first impression for your clients? Everyday I see very poor quality marketing material both online and in hard copy. Your business will struggle from day 1 if all you have is a lot of hype and bad marketing materials.

6.) How long has the company been in business and what is their track record with the better business bureau? You will always find people who complain about their failed business and whine about it to their state attorney general or the better business bureau. What is the overall public perception of the company you may be investing in?

7.) How long has the individual you are speaking to been in the business? This item is of lower significance but it is worth mentioning. I believe everyone has to start somewhere in the industry. Just because they are new does not mean they are not trustworthy and professional. Inexperience, however, can introduce a lack of product knowledge to communicate exactly what you are purchasing. For more info please visite Here:- odorix

8.) Do they offer a tangible product that is of significant value to the consumer? Many home businesses sell concepts that can be leveraged for significant gain. You have to be a highly skilled salesperson to sell ideas and concepts. Tangible products are much easier to sell and will generate higher revenues for your business.

9.) Do you have to sell to family, friends, and neighbors? Don’t get involved in a business that may jeopardize your established relationships! These businesses usually require the hosting of social gatherings where people feel obligated to purchase something from you because they do not want to insult the host or you the presenter. If you venture into one of these business opportunities, don’t rely on those you love to float your business.

10.) Do you actually have to work to become successful or do you become rich just by signing up? This speaks for itself. Do your homework. What tools and resources does this person have at their disposal to equip you with the necessary knowledge to have immediate and long term success? In most cases, when you are promised vast sums of money with little or no effort on your part, it’s just a bunch of hype that will never turn into a promising home business.


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