Be Bad As Quickly As Possible to Get to the Good in Your MLM Business

Getting started in your MLM business can be a daunting experience if you are not sure where or how to begin but this I know “You most likely will be bad at whatever you chose to do, sokaworld so get on with it and through with it as quickly as possible” Why? So you can get good…and then really good at working your business and through this process meeting your financial goals. Just know that as intimidating as it might be if it is your dream it is possible for you to succeed and will be a rewarding experience both in personal growth and financial rewards. kinmagazine

This evening I was on a training call for a new product that will take my business not the next level but can amp up the time frame in a work day by doing at least 3 times what I could do with out the program and I am being conservative here. The trainer is someone I have worked with through various time frames in my networking career and has re-invented himself many times to get to his financial and time freedom and the dollar number of his dreams. He reminded us that it is important to change constantly to move forward in our careers and changing is the only we can grow to be who we need to be to fulfill our goals. businesschamp

Learning this new program will cost me time and money resources and I want to be bad as quick as possible to get to the gold on the other side. Just remember if you have ever ridden a bike or roller skated you most likely did not start the first moments on those wheels with ease …but as you practiced you got better and then you could bet on and almost mindlessly go where you chose. This is the same principal and one that seems to permeate all areas of life, work included! businesssalt

Take heart and as you go forward in your business and make some really embarrassing errors mostly stumbling over words or just not being in the posture you would prefer to show because you are so new and uncomfortable with your business Stand tall and know that it is only a matter of practice and time that you will be the bona fide champ in your business arena…you just must take those first uncomfortable steps and sooner then you know you will be smiling with the memory of some of the errors you made and kindly mentoring others to the levels of success you are experiencing because you persevered and got through the dark night of being “bad at it” and on to a very rewarding experience in your Networking Business! For more info please visit these sites:-


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