The Trending Magazine Insert That Says Thank You

Have you ever been reading through a magazine and been blasted in the face by a pungent and odorous tang of cologne or perfume? Yes, me too. What’s worse is that I will literally bring the thing to my nose over and over, figuresmagazine trying to figure out how the smell lasts so very long within the glossy paper. I end up smelling like the magazine all day. One good thing about that kind of magazine insert is that it is memorable. Almost everybody recognizes that experience. So, how do you replicate such a lasting impact with magazine handouts when you aren’t a cologne or perfume manufacturer? commitmagazine

The short answer is, Custom Screen Cleaners. With nearly 1/3 of the entire world population owning a smartphone of some kind, anything that caters to screens is already reaching your market in spades. Add your logo to a sticky microfiber phone cleaner that adheres to the back of a phone and you have a lasting branding impact that is not only useful but memorable too. youngmagazines

Custom Screen Cleaners have been a hit at trade shows for several years now, but a few magazine insert companies have thought to leverage the popular product. The reason they are a hit at trade shows is because the phone cleaner sits on a person’s phone or tablet for literally six months to a year and a half. Every single time the phone is out, which is roughly 150 times a day on average, leadersmagazine your logo and information are being blasted around for all to see. Repeated impressions are key with hyper branding that works and this product does that. Once it leaves the magazine and sits on a phone, you are not simply lost on a coffee table, in between the pages. Your brand is also not lost in a drawer where a lot of cheap pens end up.  For more info please visit these sites:-

There are a few big players of screen cleaners out there. The thing to look for is where they are sourced. It’s best to find a company that doesn’t buy the cheap knock offs from China and rather, is US-based. The reason is that the cheap screen cleaners don’t stick very long, defeating the purpose of long-lasting hyper branding. As with other magazine inserts, look for the price breaks at larger quantities. Finally, many microfiber phone cleaner companies have good ties with production and printing companies, just in case you need to reassess your fulfillment side of things.

Thank your readers and your brand with something clients will love and keep on their phones.


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