There were a lot of minutes in McCollum’s set

that felt like future staples of his live show really taking shape, from “Drinkin’” to a profound down home tune about why he remains stoned. He’s plainly got the voice (and hopes) to expand on the energy of his most recent hit, “Handle on You.” And he’s looking encouraging so far with that disastrous new single, “Tails I Lose.”

— Ed Masley

Jackson Dignitary sang about having a bigger number of tattoos than jails do
Jackson Senior member performs with his band at Nation Thunder live event in Florence on April 15, 2023.

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Jackson Senior member held down one of the initial spaces the last opportunity Nation Thunder came to town. After a year, he’s as of now moved gradually up to an early evening spot, making that big appearance at 6:30 p.m. on a Saturday.

The youngster is obviously ever figuring things out.

Dignitary told the stage with a gravity past his years, his dirty baritone on occasion reviewing Waylon Jennings. It’s the ideal voice to flaunt having a greater number of tattoos than detainment facilities do, as he did on an initial tune called “Trailer Park,” or to growl his direction through the ensemble of his cutting edge single “Don’t Come Lookin’” with conviction.

What’s bizarre is the manner by which that equivalent voice likewise sounded comfortable when he switched his considerations to igniting a gigantic singalong as the current week’s second demonstration to tidy off that old 4 Non Blondies melody. Also, don’t imagine you’re pondering which one I mean.

— Ed Masley

tenth and Fundamental kept individuals moving at the Copperhead Stage
By 7:30 at the Copperhead Stage, Florence-based exemplary stone and nation band tenth and Fundamental had made that big appearance for their second arrangement of the day, and their fourth set since Thursday.

While the band played to an unobtrusive group, individuals were up moving. What’s more, the band tried to oblige, playing a mix of slow melodies and cheery covers like Redbone’s “Come and Get Your Affection.”

— Alexandra Hardle

The group expanded as Jackson Dignitary made that big appearance
By 7 p.m., Jackson Dignitary took to the primary stage, which had started to see a colossal expansion in swarms. Many individuals came ready by bringing folding chairs, covers and coolers to get comfortable to the overall confirmation region.






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